C.H.L. Engineering,
(Precision Gear Cutting & Engineering)
Unit 3/4 Galvone Ind. Est., Limerick, Ireland
Call us on: +353 (61) 416269

Gears Manufacturing Ireland

  • Spur gear range of spur gears are as follows 12mm diameter to 920mm diameter 370mm length
  • Worm wheels gear 50mm diameter to 900mm diameter and 370mm length
  • Worm gear shafts 600mm diameter to 1000mmm length
  • Helical gears our range start at 12mm diameter to 800mm diameter and various lengths
  • Spline gear shafts 6mm diameter to 400mm diameter
  • Internal gears
  • Bevel gears 6mm diameter to 300mm diameter
  • We can re engineer all gears from worn or old gears sample provided to us from or customers or from any CAM/CAD drawings or if customers wish for us to design gears for them for specific tasks or gear ratios.
  • We can manufacture dp gears
  • We can manufacture module gears
  • We can manufacture involute spline gears.